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Volunteers are the heart of Hospice Dufferin.

Volunteering with Hospice Dufferin is a rewarding experience.

Those that choose the path of volunteering, come to us with a genuine desire to give comfort, peace, and care to clients, caregivers, and their families.

Our volunteers have a tremendous impact on the lives of those that they serve.  Volunteering provides clients, caregivers, and families with the most comfortable and compassionate end-of-life experience, support of dealing with a life-limiting experience, or a comforting hand for a caregiver.

Volunteers at Hospice Dufferin are priceless.

The relationship between volunteers and our community is extraordinary. Our volunteers are ordinary members of our local community, which provides our clients, as well as clients’ families and friends to have some sense of normality.

The relationship can be a connection for both the volunteers and the patients, as many volunteers may have experienced similar situations and have a better understanding of the deep, personal experiences of their journey.

This connection is very valuable to the Hospice Dufferin staff who are able to provide a better level of care, comfort, and compassion.

As a volunteer with Hospice Dufferin, you will play an integral role in providing quality care and support to the success of our organization.

Volunteers are caring individuals who use their gifts and skills to help provide clients, caregivers and families with the most peaceful, and comfortable support required.

"The staff and volunteers that Hospice provided to my husband before his death and to me after will never be forgotten. He looked forward to their visits. We are indebted to everyone that helps this organization provide this important service in our community."
Hospice Client.
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