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Stories from our community

"Stories create community. They enable us to see through the eyes of other people and open us to the claims of others."

This page is dedicated to those in our community who share their stories in the support of Hospice Dufferin. 

Ken Killam

IMG_7735 (1).jpeg

Ken Killam has turned his front yard into a bike repair shop, but, not as a business but as a way to give back to the community. In February, Ken started fixing bicycles a passion turned hobby with proceeds going from sales to Princess Margaret, War Amps, and Hospice Dufferin. Ken either receives donated bikes or purchases them on marketplace. He then does whatever repairs he can, and then sells them back on marketplace letting the buyers know that the money he receives is then donated back to one of the three charities. Ken started this because of his wife Gail who has cancer, if you look closely at his hat you will see his message to her. “My wife’s fight is my fight.” Gail is his cheerleader and supervises his work. Ken was an avid cyclist, so he knows his way around bikes, repairing bikes gives him something to keep him busy while doing something for a good cause. Ken does most of his work outside, however, he may work on a few in the colder weather in his basement. Otherwise, he will store them until the spring when he can get outside again to do what he loves. Any bikes that he is unable to get parts for he donates them to a gentleman that sends them to Jamaica where they fix and use them. We are very thankful to Ken for his support of Hospice Dufferin so far he has donated over $300, just another example of how you can support us. 


Tiffany McCabe

Congratulations Tiffany McCabe

The winner of the 2021 Arts Educator of the Year award 

Tiffany McCabe is a Registered Social Worker and Art Therapist. Her work centers around leading others through a healing journey using art. Since 2016, Tiffany has provided monthly art therapy to palliative and bereaved clients at Hospice Dufferin. She shares her creative talent to help youth, adults, and seniors explore their experiences in a different way. She has had many clients leave a session with a new understanding of how they can use art to heal. Tiffany also has a private practice in Shelburne called The Creative Social Worker.

Lydia, Katie and Lilah

Lydia, Katie and Lilah stopped by Hospice Dufferin to present us with a cheque, from a Christmas Fundraiser they have been doing for a couple of years, but because of Covid, we didn't get the chance to meet them. 

This creative trio created some beautiful ornaments and gifts that they sold to staff at Community Living Dufferin.

The ladies decided to support Hospice Dufferin because they understand the need for Hospice care in the community.

Thank you ladies for all your creative hard work. 

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