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Community Partnerships

We are thrilled to partner with these businesses, which have created items that help support the work of Hospice Dufferin.

When you purchase items from these businesses, you are not only supporting local but helping to support us.

Thank you for your support.


RM Designs Canada

Locally owned, RM Designs Canada believes in the power of Hospice care. The small company makes personalized items that allow you to remember those you love. Everything from lanterns, keychains, and clothing items. your ideas become reality. RM Designs Canada will donate 10%-25% of memorial items purchased. Contact them with your ideas or choose one of their Hospice Dufferin-specific items.

As We Grow

As We Grow is accepting family clothing, bedding, baby stuff, toys, games, books, DVDs, sports items, and household items if they pertain to children/youth.
*not accepting"
Adult books or DVDs, general household items, furniture (adult)
Cribs, car seats, playpens, breast pumps, old walkers.
Please write the number 1210 on the outside of the bag twice and or put the large piece of paper with #1210 on it inside the bag. 

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Peaceful Valley Farms

A big Thank you to Tom and Brenda at Peaceful Valley Farms for their donation of $1,5000.

During the month of May 2022, Peaceful Valley farm donated 10% of their sales to Hospice Dufferin, as part of their Baking with Love and Care Campaign.

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