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Butterflies will be released at our Hike for Hospice or they can be released in a place that is special to you. 

***Please note you do not have to attend the Hike for Hospice to release your butterfly, they can be picked up prior to the Hike on June 9-10 or they can be picked up at the Hike starting at 11 am and released during our release at 2 pm or in a place that is special to you.***

"The Butterfly is nature's way of reminding us that there is always hope. 

The Butterfly symbolizes transformation, growth, strength, endurance, and wisdom.

When the caterpillar is no more, the butterfly is born in ultimate freedom and beauty."

Celebrate the life of a lost loved one by releasing your own butterfly, at our Hike for Hospice Dufferin. 

Help us fill Dufferin County with the beauty of butterflies on Sunday, June 11th.

Butterflies cost $25 each and come in a gift bag with a poem to read before the release

Reserve your butterflies in memory of a loved one by May 11th.

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