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Why Volunteer with Hospice Dufferin

Hospice Dufferin offers a unique and compassionate environment.

Our volunteers come from all backgrounds, united in a common desire to help others during their time of greatest need.

Volunteers interested in truly making an impactful difference in the lives of others enjoy their roles with us.

Hospice volunteering is suitable for dedicated and caring people who are interested in supporting palliative individuals and being present throughout their journey.


Although it can be difficult for some, for many it is the most rewarding and fulfilling way to help other people.

We offer both direct and indirect service roles, so depending on your level of comfort, you can provide help and support in a variety of methods.

Before you can begin your journey as a volunteer, you will have to go through our Palliative Support Services Volunteer Training. The 30-hour volunteer training course is a prerequisite to becoming a volunteer. The course can be taken in a group format held twice a year or independently at your own speed with a volunteer mentor.


Topics include:

  • Introduction to Palliative Care-understanding the hospice philosophy of care.  

  • How to know boundaries as a volunteer when interacting with patients and families

  • An overview of the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of a client and the clients’ family during the end-of-life journey

  • Emotional, Psychological, Psychosocial Issues

  • Stress Management and Complementary Modalities

  • Understanding client and health information privacy

  • How to assist patients and families with grief, loss, and bereavement

  • How to communicate with clients, their families, and friends.

  • Training is important. It helps to prepare the volunteers for the opportunity they are embarking on.

  • Our palliative support volunteers provide emotional and practical support to clients in-home, hospital, and long-term care facilities.

  • Bereavement support volunteers provide contact with clients in group and individual settings.

All screening, Covid protocols, and training are mandatory for all our volunteers.

We also offer other volunteer opportunities for those interested in administration, governance, and fundraising. High school students requiring community service hours are required for special events.

If you have a specific skill that you would like to share including IT, fundraising, public relations, or are a complementary therapist, we welcome your call.

What is the difference between Direct Care Volunteering and Indirect Care Volunteering?


Direct Care Volunteering is volunteers who work directly with clients, caregivers, and their families. They provide support and comfort in many ways:

  • Providing support and companionship

  • Playing music and providing arts and crafts to help create a soothing and joyful atmosphere.

  • Schedule visits with clients

  • Visit with a client (chat, do puzzles, watch movies, listen etc.)

  • Duties depending on the needs of the clients

  • Schedule phone check-ins with clients

  • Perform check-in calls with clients

Indirect Care Volunteering is volunteers who prefer not working with patients directly. Their compassion and dedication can be used in assisting the organization with administrative and general office tasks. These may include:

  • Helping prepare mailings and newsletters for community outreach.

  • Assisting in general data entry tasks or other clerical duties.

  • Helping in preparations and set up for special community events and outings.

  • Assistance with administration governance and fundraising, whether sitting as a board director or a committee member.

  • Sharing a specific skill like IT, Public Relations, or are a complementary therapist.

  • High school or post-secondary schools require hours or an internship.


Whether you choose to work directly or indirectly with our organization, your commitment is appreciated, and your valuable and unique talents and skillsets are needed to support the clients and families we serve.

The benefits of becoming a Hospice Dufferin volunteer.

As a volunteer, you will have a tremendous impact on the lives of the clients, caregivers, and families we serve. Volunteers also benefit from giving their time and talents. Hospice volunteers especially those that directly volunteer with clients and patients have reported the following from their work:​

  • A greater appreciation for life and understanding what is truly important in life.

  • A deeper understanding of the effects of a life-limiting illness, the acceptance of the role of death in the process of life, and the compassion needed for caregivers.

  • An enriched understanding of different cultures and life perspectives.

  • A great sense of fulfillment, purpose, and contribution to the community.

If you have a desire to give of your time, your talents and share your compassion, with those that need you, please connect with us.

For more information on becoming a volunteer, please contact Brianna Brown at 519∙942∙3313 ext. 2.

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