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Children and grief

Before a child graduates from high school, one child out of 20 will have a parent die. This number doesn't account for those who experience the death of a sibling, a grandparent, an aunt uncle or even a friend.

Children who have experienced the death of someone they love often makes them feel that their struggles are invisible to those around them. Children grieve differently than adults. These children need to know that they had advocates around them, letting them know it's okay to not be okay. That it's okay to feel the way they are feeling and that grief is part of love.

Children may experience the feeling of loss forever, especially when it is someone very close to the child. Eventually, the child goes back to school, resumes regular activities, and tries to appear normal, meanwhile, there is still a hole inside. The grieving child also feels different from their peers. They feel alone and often misunderstood about their feelings. That's why it's important to have networks and places to turn to provide the support these children need.

For local support, you can contact Dufferin Child and Family Services at (519) 941-1530 or
Hospice Dufferin at 519-942-3313

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