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Fundraise your way!

When you fundraise for us, you are supporting individuals and families who are dealing with illness or grief.

You are helping them find support, partake in programs, and find connections that will help them through their journey.

Hospice Dufferin is responsible for raising 40% of our funds through fundraising. We are a strong believer in the power of partnership and know that great things are possible when people work together. That’s where you come in. Every dollar you help raise has a lasting impact in our community and we are grateful for the creativity people to bring to third-party fundraisers in support of Hospice Dufferin. 

How does it help?

Connecting to our community is the core of everything we do.

You can play an important role in strengthening what we do by supporting us with a third-party fundraiser in support of Hospice Dufferin. 

  These events and initiatives are a great way to broaden our support base, increase awareness about the opportunities we offer, and inspire people within your own network to support something you are passionate about.


Thank you to 100 Women Who Care Dufferin for your donation.

Third-Party Fundraiser Guidelines


Thank you for volunteering to help the Hospice Dufferin support individual and their families living with a life-limiting illness or bereavement.


The following guidelines are provided to ensure that you are aware of potential needs or issues regarding your event/promotion and assist you in your efforts.  For smaller events, some of these guidelines may not apply.  If you have any questions not answered by these guidelines or FAQ’s please contact Maureen Riedler, Executive Director at or 519-942-3313.

  • The use of the Hospice Dufferin’s  name, logo, or mission may not be used in any way without approval from the Executive Director of Hospice Dufferin

  • All fundraising events/promotions for the benefit of Hospice Dufferin must be approved in advance no less than 30 days prior to the proposed promotion or event start date before approval can be granted.

  • Fundraisers which benefit Hospice Dufferin must reflect positively on its mission, values, and vision.

  • Hospice Dufferin  reserves the right to decline any fundraising proposal

  •  Event organizers are responsible for obtaining all permits, licenses, and insurance certificates. Please note that raffles, drawings, and other games of chance are governed by the municipality that it is conducted in.   If you are holding a raffle, drawing, or other game of chance at your event, be aware that such an activity needs special permits and allow extra time for these to be obtained.

  • Hospice Dufferin assumes no legal or financial liability associated with third-party events.

  1.  Fundraisers must fully and truthfully state the portion of the proceeds which will be donated to Hospice Dufferin in all advertising, promotions, and in all contact with donors, sponsors and participants. If less than 100% of the net proceeds will be donated, the “portion of proceeds” may be stated as a percentage of net proceeds, a portion of a product price, or a fixed amount per sale/transaction that is to benefit Hospice Dufferin.

  2. Hospice Dufferin must approve all promotional materials, including but not limited to advertising, letters, brochures, flyers, and press releases prior to production or distribution.

  3.  All promotional materials should clearly state the event is sponsored by you or your organization with net proceeds going to Hospice Dufferin

  4. Hospice Dufferin‘s name cannot be used as an event title but may be the beneficiary of the event/promotion. For example, an event may not be referred to as “Hospice Dufferin Bake Sale.” Instead, it should be promoted as “XYZ Bake Sale to Benefit Hospice Dufferin.”

  5. Hospice Dufferin will promote programs/events through our networks such as e-mail, website, or social networking on a case-by-case basis.

  6. Hospice Dufferin cannot guarantee media coverage for any third-party events. You may contact the media about your event or promotion provided you communicate with CFBNJ regarding contacts or arrangements that are made.

  7. Hospice Dufferin does not purchase advertising to promote third-party events.

  8. Hospice Dufferin will not solicit participation from our donors/volunteers/clients in any third-party events beyond notifying them of the event details, such as time, date & place.

  9. Hospice Dufferin does not share or sell its donor list.

  10. Do not represent yourself as a representative of Hospice Dufferin.

  11. Hospice Dufferin will make every effort to have a staff or volunteer speaker at your event if requested but cannot guarantee availability. If you wish to speak about Hospice Dufferin by using the information provided at the time of your event approval, please make sure that your audience understands that you are not speaking in an official capacity

  12. We don't support GoFund Me fundraisers.

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