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Hospice Dufferin receives HPCO Accreditation.

Hospice Dufferin is proud to announce they have
attained accreditation from Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO) for 2021-2024. 

“We are so proud of our staff, board members and volunteers for their commitment and hard work in helping us achieve this very important accreditation.” Maureen Riedler,
Executive Director of Hospice Dufferin said.

“This Accreditation serves as an indicator for the organization of our commitment to continuous learning and improvement which is a provincial benchmark for Ontario hospices.”

There are many benefits of Accreditation, these include:
o Validation of your efforts and contributions
o Opportunity for continuous learning and quality improvement
o Legitimizes the role and contribution of the hospice and the volunteer
o Ensures consistent delivery of services and practices which is essential for clients and
their families
o Galvanizes and recognizes the team
o Provides outcome measurement for funders
o Improves risk-management
o Focuses on client-centered care with increased organizational confidence

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