Life-Limiting Illness 

Have you been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and are wondering now what is ahead of me?  What am I supposed to be doing?  I have no one to talk to that understand. All I hear from family and friends is that everything is going to be okay.  But what if I am not feeling okay emotionally about the diagnosis, the treatments, the financial burden this is causing, etc.  


WE  ARE HERE and we will HEAR YOU!


Services available at no cost  include:




Social Work Councelling

Palliative Care Navigation

Spiritual Care Counselling

Look Good Feel Better



Crafting for Wellness

Social Programs

Support After Cancer Treatment

Library of Wigs and Hats

Somatic Yoga

Caregiver Support

Hand and Foot Massage

Children Support

Bereavement Support



We also partner with a Reiki therapist who will meet you in our office or your home.  There is a cost and more information can be obtained by contacting