Life-Limiting Illness 

Have you been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and are wondering now what is ahead of me?  What am I supposed to be doing?  I have no one to talk to that understand. All I hear from family and friends is that everything is going to be okay.  But what if I am not feeling okay emotionally about the diagnosis, the treatments, the financial burden this is causing, etc.  


WE  ARE HERE and we will HEAR YOU!


Services available at no cost  include:




Social Work Counselling - in person and virtual

Palliative care coordination - virutal 

Spiritual Care Counselling - virtual

Look Good Feel Better - onhold due to Covid restrictions 


- virtual

Journaling - virtual

Art Therapy- virtual 

Crafting for Wellness

Social Programs  -virtual

Support After Cancer Treatment

Library of Wigs and Hats

Somatic  - on hold due to covid

Caregiver Support

virtual and in person

Hand and Foot - On hold due to Covid restrictions

Children Support- virtual and in-person

Bereavement Support- virtual and in-person