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Writing Holiday Cards For Those Who May Be Grieving Written

Submitted by Erin Montgomery (guest blog)

The holiday season is typically filled with joyous music, cheerful banter, and an abundance of holiday wishes.

But for those who are grieving a loved one, the festive season can be difficult.

We encourage you to recognize their lost loved one.

Acknowledge that their holiday season may be different this year, ask them to share memories with you to keep their spirit bright, or offer to toast their loved one at your holiday gathering.

It’s important to share these memories and stories, especially during the holiday season. Your loved ones are people who stay with you always, whether or not they are here physically.

4These holiday milestones without a loved one can be difficult but they don’t have to be lonely.

As you sit down and begin to write your holiday cards, we wanted to offer suggestions on how to word cards to those who may be grieving.

"Happy holidays from our family to yours, even those family members who are watching over us."

"We understand this holiday will look a little different, but know that we are thinking of both you and “person’s name”. We’ve been thinking about “person’s name” and the time that they….. (share a special memory)."

"Holiday wishes from all of us to you - may the season bring you comfort and joy."

As we enter this holiday season we want to remind you to take notice of those around you, offer a listening ear, a friendly smile, or a holiday wish.

The holidays can be a difficult time for some but together we can make their spirits just a little bit brighter

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