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Staying active as a senior once your partner dies is very important.

It is important for seniors to still maintain an active lifestyle after the death of their partner.

After the death of your partner, everything will change, however, it's important to find activities that you enjoy and will help keep you active and are essential for health and mental well being.

We found this blog recently from Canadian Budget Binder, that shares activities to participate in after the loss of a partner.

Hospice Dufferin provides a bi-weekly grief walk through the beautiful Monora Park Trails.

Spend the morning, enjoying nature, stay mentally and physically fit, and connect with other people who understand your journey. No registration is required and you can attend as many as you need. The walks that run bi-weekly are free and designed to help to support mental health and create connections.

To learn more please click on the link and read about the activities you can partake in and to fight the loneliness of loosing your partner.

About the author: Canadian Budget Binder (CBB) is one of Canada’s top Personal Finance Blogs, written exclusively by Mr. CBB.

My name is MO, but Mr. CBB has been my name since I started this blog in 2012.

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