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Barb Clark shares her Cancer Journey

I would describe my brain tumour journey as “a comedy act.” If that’s the case, it’s a smash hit, because 27+ years later, the show is still going on.

I had experienced no symptoms whatsoever prior to a seizure that sent me to the hospital at age 37.

At the time I was told the tumour was inoperable.

Doctors gave me two years to live.

“I was told early on that I would not see our kids graduate, get married or have children. Well, they both graduated, fell in love, got married and we now have FOUR (Rowan, Briar, Madelyn and Evan) incredible grandchildren!"

They ALL give me HOPE, ENERGY and tons of LOVE!”

My involvement with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada began early after my diagnosis, starting with my local support group. Not long after, I was introduced to the organization’s founders, Steve Northey, and Pam and Dr. Rolando Del Maestro.

My first two craniotomies were performed by Dr. Del Maestro in 2003 and 2011, and after surgery, I began chemotherapy for a year.

In 2016, an MRI scan showed another brain tumour, which once again put me under the knife.

This time it was Dr. Todd Mainprize at Sunnybrook Hospital.

“This time, I went home the very next day,”.

“Follow-up consisted with radiation and then 15 months of (PC) chemotherapy.

I was told that this particular treatment doubled my survival odds… GIDDY UP!”

I have had an annual connection with the Brain Tumour Walk program, getting involved in the years following my diagnosis, hosting two of my own events in Orangeville, along with walking in London, Brampton and Guelph.

“Thank you for supporting me for the past 27+ years and most of all for helping the strong and brave Canadians who live with a brain tumor.”

“We all have within us the potential for success. New horizons await those who BELIEVE in the goals and follow their hearts.”

Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada is incredibly thankful for my involvement over the years, and for my ability to motivate, inspire, and crack a joke when it’s most needed.

“To all the beautiful people…Thank you for giving me the strength to “Breathe In... Breathe Out... Move On.”

Off to Sunnybrook Hospital and the Odette Cancer Centre on December 16th for my follow-up MRI. Fingers crossed! With Peace, Love & Laughter to Everyone! By the way, my results came back showing no change!

Follow up on June 2023.

Cheers, Barb Clark

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